Students were staying on campus to see the men’s and women’s basketball teams play on Saturday night. Despite the Easter holiday, local businesses were doing well.

The men’s basketball team was backed by Husky supporters as they advanced to win another championship. Many gathered at Ted’s Restaurant and Bar in Storrs to watch the game.

Our favorite spot to hang out is Ted’s. We have our pink beers on tap. As of now, no complaints have been made, according to Elizabeth Costa, a senior at UConn.

Students from the neighboring UConn campus come here. Things are a touch out of the ordinary this year because a few UConn students are really going home for the Easter break, which comes in March. Despite this, the enthusiasm for the men’s and women’s teams has not decreased.

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“We are celebrating Easter with both our families at home and a family here. Sydney Brewer, a UConn graduate, stated, “It is reconnecting with a family that I kind of lost connection with within the last year.”

While the teams were playing, staff members at Dog Lane Café in downtown Storrs were keeping themselves occupied.

“It gets really busy on game days. The reason we have extra workers, a cook, and a person for the line is because we have a lot more food, stated Max Bean, the café’s manager.