Would You Like Fries With That: The Top 5 Fast Food Fries

Fries are the classic American side dish. From the burger stand to the steak house, everyone has their own version. With fast food restaurants being the lunch and dinner stop of many in today’s world, this classic side order has taken center stage, as competitors struggle to have the most delicious fries in the industry. Everyone claims to offer America’s favorite, and in the last few years, many fast food restaurants have gone to great lengths to ensure they stay on top, but whose side of fries is the greatest in the land and where are you better off to stick with a burger? Move over Subway with your free cookie and jailed Spokesman. Below is a list of the top 5 best fast food fries.


Call me an anti-hipster hipster, or a corporate sell out, but the most classic fast food fry producer, the golden arches themselves, McDonald’s, is my number five. Maybe it has a lot to do with some childhood nostalgia, eating what seemed like an endless supply out of my card board happy meal box as I played with whatever prize toy I’d gotten, but something about the smell, texture, and taste always brings me back to a simpler time. Besides, if you were honest with yourself, how could you make a list of the top five fast food fries and not have McDonald’s fall somewhere on the it?

Hardees, or Carl’s Jr. depending on where you’re reading this from, is number four. With thick cuts reminiscent of the steak fries you’d expect to accompany a prime rib or fillet mignon, Hardees has managed to walk the thin line of a high class side in a fast food restaurant, making their fries a perfect main course, aside from their delicious burgers and chicken tenders. Special bonus goes to Hardees and Carl’s Jr. for their curly fries and onion rings, which I could write a whole study on alone.

Coming in at number three is the arch nemesis of our number five place, Burger King. Believe it or not I can still remember the first time I ate Burger Kings hot, thick, and crispy fries. I was eight years old with my mother and my sister on a road trip coming home from my aunt’s house and we made a quick run through the window. I remember thinking that they were the best fries I’d ever tasted. Perhaps my palate has changed some since then, but Burger King’s unchanged recipe still earns a high place on my list. Golden on the outside and fluffy on the inside, who could ask for more? As a matter of fact I enjoyed them so much I sent over some feedback at www.mybkexperience.com which is their survey site.

Number four is the legendary Steak and Shake. Their incredible shoe string fries take you back to a time of soda jerks and drive-in movie theaters. Perfectly salted and seasoned, their classic fries are the epitome of a perfect accompaniment to their amazing burgers, even though they now offer delicious Cajun, parmesan cheese n’ herbs, cheese, chili cheese, sea salt and cracked pepper, and my personal favorite salt and vinegar.

Finally, coming in at the number one spot, is the Dave Thomas founded legacy franchise, Wendy’s. Wendy’s have made a lot of changes over the years to stand out as a gourmet fast food restaurant, and while some of those changes have worked better than others, their induction of their naturally cut sea salt fries was a home run. Flavored to perfection, and cut perfectly, Wendy’s fries are an exquisite example of the greatness of fine culinary skill kept simple. Wendy’s gains huge bonus points for their releases of delicious specialty fries, like their ghost pepper, baconator, and pulled pork and cheese boxes available for limited times only.

There you have it, the top 5 best fast food fries. So many more great restaurants barely missed the list. If you’re looking for the perfect side dish, I guarantee none of these will disappoint, offering their own unique flavoring, cut, texture, and taste. In America “Would you like fries with that?” isn’t a question, it’s a philosophical concept that strengthens our spirit.

Finer Ingredients Make Finer Food

Some people say that when you use an onion versus a shallot, you can’t really taste the difference, but I tend to disagree. There is actually a very large difference. The strength of the aroma is quite different, and I will take a shallot in my meal over an onion any day of the week, but enough about these two vegetables. Let’s talk about how the ingredient used in a dish takes it to another level. Texture is just as important as taste when you eat a meal, and you will notice when we cook with quality products, your palette will begin to crave higher quality foods.

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